Consider this a shout out to film freaks and casual moviegoers alike. Every quarter, AS Productions Films screens a huge variety of movies, and you never have to pay more than $2 to see one. With obscenely low prices and a lineup showcasing everything from Hollywood blockbusters to obscure documentaries, unless you have absolutely no interests, there’s sure to be something you will like. “I try to provide the most diverse schedule possible, to hit as many crowds as I can,” said Gabriel Prestella, ASP Films coordinator. “We have been getting lots of new people coming this year, because of the variety. I pick these movies— I don’t necessarily like them— but I try to appeal to as many people as I can. It’s all about variety.”

Prestella, a communications major, cares about the media enjoyment of our precious Western community. “I put a lot of thought into which movies to show. I watch a lot of films, and a lot of media in general. I probably spend 3 days out of the week watching things…” he said. Folks, we have a bonafide movie screener on our hands; lets be sure to take advantage of that expertise. “We should be charging more,” he said, “but we’re not. We’re here to entertain and educate.”

To aid in that mission, ASP Films frequently collaborates with other campus clubs and organizations. “It’s really nice to collaborate with other groups,” Prestella said. “I make sure the film gets shown, and they lead a discussion group, or bring in a speaker to address the issues raised by the film.” This week, that collaboration is exemplified through the showing of a documentary about social activism and the vision of Audre Lorde, which is co-sponsored by both LGBTA and the Lifestyle Advisor group Women’s Empowerment and Violence Education.

“The Edge of Each Other’s Battles” is a documentary about the inspiring 1992 conference “I Am Your Sisters: Forging Global Connections Across Difference.” The conference was organized around the work of the self-dubbed “black, lesbian, mother warrior poet,” Audre Lorde, as both a tribute to her vision of social equality and a call to organize for social causes. Looking at the constructs of race, class, gender and sexuality, through the conference as well as Lorde’s poetry, the film is of great interest to anyone interested in social activism, equality, and poetry. Following the screening, members of WEAVE will be leading a discussion group sparked by the questions and issues raised in the film. It will be shown on Monday, February 6 at 7 pm, in VU 552, and it is free.

Later on this quarter, ASP Films is going to experiment with some new programming. Starting in March, they will be offering “Late Night Films,” with special 8 and 11 pm film screenings. “I’m excited to try it out, and if it’s a success, we’ll keep doing it,” Prestella said. This quarter’s late night flicks are “Walk The Line,” the story of country legend Johnny Cash, showing on March 3 and 4, and “The Chronicles of Narnia,” showing on March 10. To purchase tickets for these films, just swing by the information booth in the Viking Union.

The quarterly program is posted on the ASP Films website, Prestella stressed that new films are being added all the time, and checking the website is the best way to find out what is playing next. If you have a film you’d like to see, a film you just loved, or a film you couldn’t stand, contact ASP Films at 650-6130 and they’ll take good care of you. “I really like feedback, for people to let me know what they like or hate,” said Prestella. “I like criticism, it helps me do my job better.” Visit the website, choose your favorite films, gather some friends and some popcorn, and enjoy the show!