Does a strawberry dipped in chocolate hold the key to the most passionate night of your life? Should you choose whipped cream or fondue to woo your desired mate? What role does food play in inspiring sensuality, and how can we craft meals that set the stage for a night of passion and romance? If you’re interested in flirting with the aphrodisiac qualities of food, the upcoming class Intercourses, sponsored by the Sexual Awareness Center, is sure to rouse your attention. In the class, students will learn how to cook a full course meal using aphrodisiac foods and have the opportunity to ask SAC coordinators Dori Greenaway and Sarah Bowers any and all of their sex related questions. Food, sex, and education… what could be better?

Greenaway, assistant coordinator of the SAC, is teeming with excitement about the enthusiastic student response to the classes. Before the posters for the event had even been printed, the class was so overenrolled that the SAC added a second section. “The response was huge,” she said. “We didn’t think it would be near as
big as it is. We’re charging five dollars a person, and people are still coming.”

Greenaway said that the class will teach preparation of meals that are simple and require minimal space— the idea is to be able to cook a sensual meal in the tiny dorm crevices that masquerade as kitchens. She sees this class as a real opportunity to reach out to on-campus Western students, and focus an event in a way that is applicable to their lives. “A lot of times people doing events on-campus don’t reach out to the dorms,” she said. “They think since people live on campus they know what’s going on, but that’s not always true.” The SAC sent RSVP cards throughout the dorms, inviting students to sign up for the class, and the response was simply overwhelming. “I’m so proud of the campus for coming out and getting excited about something like this.”

At the end of the night, participants will leave with a goody bag filled with condoms, lube, dams, and gloves, as well as an erotic cookbook containing all the recipes prepared in the class, and much more. There are even some recipes for things like chocolate lip balm and leg wax. “We will show how to make a two person meal,” said Greenaway. “We will have the food pre-made so everyone can sample all the stuff they watch us cook.”

If at any time during the cooking lessen participants have questions related to sex or sexuality, Greenaway and her co-teacher will be happy to answer them. “We’re thinking ‘sex and cooking,’” she said. Given that food has a tendency to relax people, the class may prove a great forum to explore these socially taboo topics.

“Some people turn to sex for comfort, and a lot of people turn to food for comfort. The aphrodisiac qualities of food have no scientific proof, but it’s mind over matter— if you want it to work it will,” said Greenaway. With a menu containing a salad of avocado, shrimp and walnuts, a heated sandwich donning the fancy title Artichoke Muffaletta, a pasta dish covered in savory pesto, virgin strawberry daiquiris, and the infamous lovers snack, chocolate covered fruit, you are sure to learn some recipe favorites to delight your senses, whether erotic or simply gustatory.

“Things associated with our office can have a critical eye on them, even if it’s innocent. I was really impressed with the administration on this; that it wasn’t a big deal. It’s basically just a cooking class with aphrodisiac foods,” said Greenaway. “It will be a tame class— we’re not doing anything outlandish, but it will be fun.”

Some 78 students will get to experience this class. If you are not one of the lucky few, maybe your lover is. Or maybe it’s time to go out and make friends with someone in attendance. You could just wait till next quarter, when the class will be offered again. “I am hoping it will be a quarterly thing, since there was such high demand,” said Greenaway. Just be careful the next time that friend down the hall stops by with a basket of edible goodies— they may have secrets stashed inside their baking mitt that could lead to a night more exciting than the one you were expecting.