Compiled by Gina Kim/ The Personnel Office

Business Office Director Statement of Purpose:
The AS Business Office exists to facilitate the day-to-day financial operation of the Associated Students. The Business Director serves as the primary operational interpreter of A.S. financial policies and the intent of budget allocations.

Environmental Center Statement of Purpose:
The Environmental Center presents lectures, seminars, music events and other programs to educate the campus community about environmental topics and to illustrate the interconnections between environmentalism and other social concerns. The Center maintains a library of current books, newspapers and magazines. The Center acts as a networking center for campus and community activists. The Environmental Center Co-Coordinators oversee the overall function and activities of the Environmental Center.

KUGS Statement of Purpose:
The mission of KUGS-FM is to serve the students of Western Washington University by providing a diverse program of music and information consistent with student interests and public affairs programming that encourages a greater understanding of the human differences and cultural pluralism within the university community and the larger world we live in. Through its programming, KUGS will serve as a bridge from the University to the surrounding community. All KUGS staff are responsible for cultivating the interest in and production of non-commercial radio for the students of Western Washington University.

Outdoor Center Statement of Purpose:
The purpose of the Outdoor Center is to enhance opportunities for members of the WWU community to involve themselves in outdoor recreation activities. The Outdoor Center provides programs, resources and services to enable students, faculty, staff and Alumni Association members to safely participate in a variety of activities, develop and refine skills, practice environmental responsibility, and interact with each other and members of the local community.

Personnel Office Statement of Purpose:
The Personnel Office is responsible for the hiring process of Associated Students positions (approx. 250 employees), the placement of work-study students, the coordination of the Employee Recognition Program and the programming of quarterly orientation, regular training and development programs. The Personnel Director acts as a liaison between the Board of Directors and the employees of the organization and is responsible for any and all problems and concerns dealing with employment.

AS Productions Statement of Purpose:
The purpose of AS Productions is to provide a comprehensive program of student activities and events for the campus and Bellingham Community. AS Productions presents film series, concerts, lectures, art gallery exhibitions, theater/dance performances, and other entertainment, educational and cultural events.

Publicity Center Statement of Purpose:
The AS Publicity Center (PC) provides promotional services such as graphic design, printing, reproduction, media coordination, internet facilitation, distribution, photography, and AS Review coverage to students, student organizations, and some campus departments.

Recycle Center Statement of Purpose:
The Recycle Center exists to provide the campus community with recycling services and to provide practical work experience for students.

Resource & Outreach Programs Statement of Purpose:
The purpose of the seven centers of the Resource & Outreach Programs (ROP) is to provide information, advocacy, activities, and peer education. The ROP strives to empower and support all members of WWU’s diverse community. The ROP also provides the opportunity for WWU students to gain valuable work and life experience.