First and foremost, congratulations to Colin Lappala and Steven Stimek for picking up Blood Brothers tickets with their successful completion of last week’s crossword puzzle. Congratulations also to David Westbrook and Lizzie Stewart (two time champion!) for successfully completing the whole thing. You can find solutions to the puzzle on the bottom right of this page.

This week, we’re switching gears from cumbersome crossword chores to prescient political prognostication. The midterm elections are right around the corner (November 7, to be precise) and we here at the AS Review are as thrilled as could be. There’s nothing on Earth that makes us more excited than American democracy in action— eighteen year olds, stepping fresh out of Norman Rockwell paintings, happily casting their first votes into paper trail-less Diebold machines that promptly change them all into Republicans. It’s enough to bring a tear to your eye!

To celebrate, we’re asking you to put on your Carnac the Magnificient hat and give us your best guess at the political breakdown of the Bicameral Beast next year. You can find some charts in the print edition of the Review of the current party breakdown for the House and Senate or look up the numbers yourself on Wikipedia.

So get Zogby on the line, send a messenger to the Pythia—do whatever you have to do to end up with guesses for the party line splits in both the House and the Senate. We’ve got a sweet prize package set up, including but not limited to an AS Pop t-shirt and a sweet patriotic memento. You can clip this box out and drop it off at the Publicity Center (VU 411) or email your numbers in to Either way, entries are due by Monday, November 6 at 4 p.m. Good luck!