Former Western alumnus Nate Panelo was appointed as the new program coordinator for the Associated Students Ethnic Student Center.

The ESC has been without a program coordinator since November 2011, when Michael Vendiola stepped down from the position.
Panelo, who was the vice president for activities on the Board of Directors, and a member of the ESC, was an influential presence while attending Western, said Robel Marco Paguio, AS ESC public relations coordinator. Before receiving the ESC position at Western, Panelo worked at Seattle University in a student administration position, Paguio said.

The process of finding a new ESC Program coordinator started with 60 candidates, which became 10 candidates and then narrowed down to the top three.

Panelo showed a passion for Western’s students and the position, Paguio said. He loves student administration and recognizes that this job will be a learning experience.

“The staff is more like a family here, so I think having that addition to the family but also him being an alumni, I feel like I’ll be able to get a lot of insight from him,” Paguio said. “He’s been in the ESC before me, he knows how the ESC was before so if maybe he can take some of that, not really implement it, but be able to give us some insight on the traditions from back then.”

The ESC programs coordinator is like the rock of the ESC, Paguio said. Having someone back in the ESC programs coordinator office is anticipated by the ESC staff.

Panelo will be starting his position at the ESC on May 14.