On the front lines of climate change: Environmental Center to welcome Winona LaDuke

March 3, 2014

If you haven’t heard of Winona LaDuke, take a minute, get out your internet-worthy device of choice and track down her TED talk. Watch it all the way through - if you have the attention span.

South Asian Student Association Heritage Dinner to take place Saturday

February 24, 2014

Founded in the early 1990s, the South Asian Student Association has since been proud to celebrate their culture together as an Ethnic Student Center club. Each year ESC clubs host annual heritage

Queer Resource Center looks for Queer Experience & Queer Music Showcase performers

February 24, 2014

March 3 and 4 will be two of the biggest days of the year for the Queer Resource Center. On

Breaking the trend: Elect-Her gives women the tools to be successful in male-dominated politics

January 27, 2014

In 2013, Washington ranked sixth in percentage of women in its legislature at 32 percent, according to the Center for American Women and Politics. While this is progress, the AS strives to make this

Club Connect takes over Rec Center Nov. 22

November 18, 2013

here aren’t many opportunities for students to swim in the Wade King Student Recreation Center pool or taste an array of baked goods within the facility at 2 a.m. As peculiar as this may

Spring Into Action: Top Spring Quarter Activities

April 29, 2013

Lord of the Rings Trivia Night Do you know the award-winning film and book series like the back of your hand? If so, attend the Underground Coffeehouses “Lord of the Rings Trivia

Take Back The Night

April 29, 2013

In response to the death of Susan Alexander Spleeth, a woman who was stabbed to death while walking home one night in Philadelphia during 1975, many college campuses around the country began to

Game of Thrones

April 29, 2013

This week, the Viking Union Gallery will unveil a unique exhibit that puts a special emphasis on an everyday object. The gallery will display significant pieces from Western’s collection of

Aaron Carter to Perform On April 9

April 8, 2013

On Tuesday, April 9, ‘90s teen pop-star-turned-Broadway-performer Aaron Carter will perform at Western as a part of his 60-day tour. Western students will be able to watch Carter perform old

Fifth Annual Yule Ball Jan. 26

January 21, 2013

In the fourth book of the epic Harry Potter series, “The Goblet Of Fire,” the Yule Ball was an event that brought the different magic schools together for a night of dancing and

An inclusive event: Homocoming

December 3, 2012

For many, recollecting high school memories includes many nights of dating, dressing up, and dancing the night away at Homecoming, Prom, or one of the many other high school dances. For others,

B'ham Jingle Jam

December 3, 2012

Dead week has begun and finals week is just around the corner for Western’s hardworking students. As the study groups begin to meet, the projects begin and the pots of coffee begin to brew,

'Body Talk' back for round two

November 26, 2012

“Body Talk:  Sexual Triumphs, Trials, and Revelations” – a performance of true stories about sex, birth, mothering, menopause, mammograms, wax jobs, and what it means to be a

Reel Rock Film Festival

November 12, 2012

“It’s terrifying,” said Heidi Rodenhizer, Associated Students Outdoor Center trip leader and avid climber. “My hands were sweating the whole time…that’s not the

Fall into dance

November 12, 2012

During the first week of fall quarter, ten Western students in the dance program got together and held open auditions. The students selected the dancers they wanted and then began the whirlwind

50 Shades Of Feminism

November 5, 2012

Some call it mommy porn and others call it the ultimate guilty pleasure, but regardless, E.L. James’ “50 Shades of Grey” trilogy has made its mark on pop culture. Released in June

Environmental Education

October 22, 2012

This week, students will have the opportunity to participate in a series of events geared towards learning about what they can do to work towards a greener future. Several environmental groups at

Busted: A Student Guide To Their Rights

October 22, 2012

Looking in your rear-view mirror or out the window at a friend’s party, you see the flashing red and blue lights of a police car. Shortly after, there is an assertive knocking at the front

Third annual costume ball

October 22, 2012

The Associated Students Disability Outreach Center and the AS Social Issues Resource Center are teaming up to host the 3rd Annual Costume Ball.

Writings on the wall: Drawing Jam showcases unique student art

October 15, 2012

Words, sketches and comic characters fill the walls of the Viking Union Gallery, and more will be drawn in the weeks to come. Drawing Jam, an Associated Students Productions event, allows students