With the end of the year just around the corner, the Ethnic Student Center (ESC) has an evening of celebration planned.

The awards ceremony features a dinner and program at 6 p.m. on June 6. Doors open at 5 p.m. in the VU Multipurpose Room.

“This is an award ceremony; we are recognizing many of the efforts that student organizations and individuals have put forward,” ESC coordinator and activities adviser Michael Vendiola said. “We will be recognizing graduates and student leaders who have been involved in the ESC.”

The awards ceremony will feature a red carpet and a live broadcast by KVIK.

According to Vendiola, the students will take the stage and say a few parting words. Also, the ESC puts together an annual of all the graduating students.

“It's basically details some of their highlights, experiences and advice to current students,” Vendiola said. “We also throw in their baby pictures. Every year we have a bigger graduating class... This year 45 students will graduate.”

In addition to acknowledging the graduates, the ESC gives out a scholarship to a worthy student.

“We are distributing the Bellingham Herald Diversity Scholarship to a student,” Vendiola said. “We look at academic success and commitment to diversity issues on campus and the greater community. Students applied earlier, and we looked at all the activities that they have been involved in. We had a very good pool this year.”

The awards ceremony will also recognize all the student clubs in the ESC and recap the events that they put on over the year.

“We are celebrating their work and giving them recognition for it,” Vendiola said. “A lot of times they introduce their upcoming executive board.”

The ESC will also be giving away its first annual academic success challenge award.

“This is an award given to an organization that strives for academic success within the ESC,” Vendiola said. “The whole purpose is to get the clubs to think about academic programming as well as general programming. We want them to do things that elevate their academic success such as study groups for their clubs, bringing in the tutorial center, or a Student Outreach adviser, and teaching about cultural history.”

The dinner attire is formal, or traditional, clothing for students. According to Vendiola, a Mediterranean chicken dinner will be served.

Also featured will be alumni speaker Dale Tamayose, an alumna from the ESC who was a part of the Hui O' Hawai'I organization.

“She graduated, left for a few years, and has actually come back to work as an adviser at the Student Outreach Services,” Vendiola said.

After the awards ceremony there will be a Glow in the Dark dance.

“The dance is open to the whole campus. We just want students to come and have fun,” Vendiola said.

The dance is $3 for a single ticket and $5 for couples.

“The whole night is a great way for students to come out and celebrate their accomplishments,” Vendiola said.