Jan. 23 through Jan. 27 is HIV/AIDS Awareness Week, a free weeklong event put on by the Associated Students Resource and Outreach Programs that highlights different issues associated with HIV and AIDS.

Since negative connotations with HIV and AIDS are less prominent today than during previous decades, the issue does not get much attention, ROP Director Chris Chatburn said.

“This week is a direct effort to focus our attention back on a disease that affects our community as well as communities all over the world,” Chatburn said.

The week’s five events were organized with collaboration between the ROP’s seven offices: the AS Social Issues Resource Center, the AS Queer Resource Center, the AS Sexual Awareness Center, the AS Legal Information Center, the AS Women’s Center, the AS Disability Outreach Center and the AS Veterans Outreach Center.

“HIV/AIDS is a sensitive topic and many people have been personally affected by the disease,” Chatburn said. “The events that the offices will be holding over the course of the week will be dealing directly with this sensitive topic and, as a result, event attendees should be prepared.”