The Associated Students Women's Center, in conjunction with the Wade King Student Recreation Center, will host Women's Night at the Rec on Sunday, Jan. 8 from 9-11p.m.

The event, although open to everyone, will be catered toward women-identified individuals. Sasha Parsley, the Women's Center assistant coordinator, said the purpose for the event is to create a safe, comfortable, female-supported environment where women-identified individuals can learn about and engage in fitness activities.

“So often, women are engaged in outdoor activities and fitness activities under the pressure of, 'oh, we need to get thin, we have to look a certain way, we have to burn calories,'” Parsley said. “It's really tied to a whole messed up body-image system.”

Attendees of Women's Night at the Rec will be able to engage in a variety of different sports, fitness programs and games. There will be volleyball games and instruction hosted by the Western Women's Volleyball Club Team, lacrosse and rugby skills demonstrations, inner-tube water polo, water aerobics, self-defense classes, muay thai (a form of martial arts), pick-up basketball games, Wii video games,  Zumba, and rock-climbing instruction classes geared toward women's bodies and techniques.

 “It's a late night event, but it also has a fun social atmosphere because there is going to be food there and there's going to be door prizes and all different things like that,” Parsley said.

The event will also host a Women on Weights weight-lifting clinic throughout the entire two-hour span in the weight room. The program, which is normally held in the Rec on Saturdays from 10-11:30 a.m., incorporates female personal training to accommodate women-identified individuals who may have reservations about lifting in the weight room.

“I've worked here for going on for four years and I know, as a woman, I sometimes get intimidated by the weight room, especially when there's a lot of males in there,” said Rec Center's Operations Coordinator Jamie Harrison. “It's really nice to be able to go in there and be confident.”

 This will be the third year of Women's Night at the Rec. Parsley said that the program helps with  the Rec Center's goal of making female-identified individuals more comfortable during their use of the facility.

 “[The Rec Center is] really trying to make changes, but they recognize that there's a lot of limitations and so that's why they're really excited to work with us,” Parsley said. “We can bring a whole new group of people there, they can support us and then there is a real mutual benefit.”