Shawna Leader/The AS Review

Every year, April 22 is set aside to celebrate the earth and address environmental issues. This year, during the 40th celebration of Earth Day, the AS Environmental Center will hold Earth Days to remind students and community members that environmental awareness should take place every day.

The events will focus on how environmental issues and sustainability apply to many aspects of society, from eating to transportation to activism, Environmental Center Coordinator Lauren Squires said.

“We wanted to make it this really inclusive event, this event that would catalyze people’s involvement in the environmental movement by just showing what a holistic thing it is to live sustainably,” Squires said.

According to Squires, the events will also focus on lifestyles, which are typically based in consumerism.

“There are ways to live that are in sync with the earth and in sync with nature that really fulfill us as people socially, mentally and spiritually,” Squires said.

Overall, Earth Days is about finding common ground.

“All these people have a role in this big thing that we call sustainability,” she said.