The climax of SEX Week was the SAC Speaks with Special Events, Talk Sex with Sue Johanson at WWU. Sue Johanson gave a thought provoking, empowering and educational lecture and generously answered many of the audience's questions. It was great to see the Sunday night, televised sexual educator on the PAC stage. Her lecture was informative and entertaining, but we felt Sue's lecture content lacked LGBTQ examples of relationships and sexual experiences causing a heteronormative and heterosexist environment.

The Sexual Awareness Center strives to be inclusive and provide a safe space for people of all identities, orientations, sexualities, types of relationships, lifestyles and communities. With SAC programs, our most important goal is to reach and represent a spectrum of identities. We strive to be non-judgmental, unbiased, confidential and open-minded office and we support, accept, acknowledge and embrace sexuality as a diverse and unique expression. We realize that the Talk Sex event did not meet these standards and would like to apologize for the exclusive and heteronormative content of the event.

Heteronormativity is the marginalization of non-heterosexual identities and lifestyles. It is the notion that heterosexuality is the normal and standard expression of sexual attraction. Heteronormativity can be explicit or implicit. A lack of non-heterosexual examples or the assumption that everyone in a room is heterosexual are examples of implicit heteronormativity. A direct comment creating preference for heterosexuality or stigmatization of non-heterosexuality are examples of explicit heternormativity. All forms of heteronormativity contribute to creating a hostile, exclusionary environment for LGBTQ students. We apologize once again for the lack of representation for LGBTQ students in this event.

In future SAC events, we will evaluate our program planning through a more critical lens and strive to ensure overwhelming elements of inclusion that will inspire, empower and break down social barriers. The SAC encourages and welcomes any feedback or thoughts about Talk Sex with Sue and wants students and community members to feel free to continue dialogue regarding heteronormativity or heterosexism.

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