By John C. Davies and Scott McDowell

As you can tell from the list on the left there’s a ton of a jobs opening up this fall. So if you need a job, applications are due between March 1-23. Turn em’ into the Personnel office in Viking Union room 505.

But on to the real deal. What’s it like to work in the AS? Below there’s a bunch of other people’s thoughts on what working in the AS is like.

Here’s my take on working in the AS.

Working here you find yourself among a lot of people that put tons of time and effort into what they do. Most of the salaried folks (all the positions on the left) are paid for 15-19 hours. Often that means people are making about $4.50 for those long hard weeks. But that’s what brings interesting and entertaining events to campus, whether that means Babeland putting on a workshop about female sexual health or the Decemberists playing in Red Square. It’s also one hell of a thing to put on a resume.

It’s not all constant work though. I mean, we’re all a bunch of college students running around putting on events, making newspapers (with a teeny-weeny staff), running Resource Centers, operating music stations (by the way tune into KUGS 89.3 FM), or are creating the constant publicity that is needed to keep the whole beast a movin’. I should also mention we also pick-up the recycling too, probably the most important of all the jobs in reality.

These jobs are really what you put into them. At the end of every two-weeks you’ll get the same amount of cash-money. But how well you do your job, what you learn, and what you accomplish are the real pay-offs. This what will help you down the line, along with that piece of paper you get when you leave.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all peachy-keen. Things get frustrating like any other job. People get pissed off when all their work doesn’t turn out the way they want it to, but being pissed about a job you like is way better than not liking your crappy job selling (fill in the blank). This is by far the most frustrating painful job I’ve ever held.

I mean after all they give me keys to the Viking Union, an office to work in and publish my work every week..those fools.

Kristina Mader, Legal Information Center Coordinator
“This job is fantastic because besides getting to help students who come in with legal problems, you become an expert on all aspects of the law, and law careers. This job is perfect for anyone interested in going to law school, or pursuing a career dealing with law. It’s a lot of work, but incredibly rewarding.”

Gabriel Prestella, AS Productions, Special Events Coordinator
“When we put on events, not only are we educating and informing students, but we can turn around and look at the audience and actually see them enjoying it. And that’s extremely rewarding.”

Molly Ayre-Svingen, AS Elections Coordinator
“One of the benefits of working in Associated Students is that ‘students’ is in the name of my employer. I’m recognized as a student first, and an employee second. I never get stuck working during finals week when I really should be studying for finals. And by working in the AS, I have the opportunity to get paid to do work that benefits fellow students.”

Cory Watkins, KUGS FM Program Director
“It is really rewarding seeing the dedication from new volunteers and how excited they can get over their shows and involvement. I’ve also made life-long friends here and have met more people than I ever imagined. It’s helped me grow as a leader as well as helped me build my own confidence.”

Coordinator of Employee Training and Assessment
Coordinator of Recognition and Recruitment


Account Executive (4 qtr.)
Account Executive (3 qtr.)
Distribution Coordinator
Graphic Design Coordinator
AS Review Editor-in-Chief
AS Review Assistant Editor
Public Relations Coordinator
Graphics Production Coordinator
Web Design Coordinator
Web Developer

Recreation Coordinator
Bike Shop Coordinator
Equipment Shop Coordinator
Excursion Co-Coordinator (4 qtr)
Excursion Co-Coordinator (3 qtr)
Promotions & Outreach Coordinator
Resources & Events Coordinator

Co-Coordinators (2)
Outback OELP Coordinator

Drug Information Center Coordinator
Legal Information Center Coordinator
LGBTA Coordinator
LGBTA Assistant Coordinator
Sexual Awareness Center Coordinator
Sexual Awareness Center Assistant Coordinator
Women’s Center Co-Coordinators (2)
Women’s Center Program Support Staff
Social Issues Resource Center Coordinator
Social Issues Resource Center Assistant Coordinators (2)

Films Coordinator
Films Publicity Coordinator
Pop Music Coordinator
Pop Music Assistant Coordinator
Special Events Coordinator
Special Events Assistant Coordinator
Underground Coffeehouse Coordinator
Underground Coffeehouse Publicity Coordinator
Viking Union Gallery Coordinator
Viking Union Gallery Assistant Coordinator
Civil Controversy Coordinator
Civil Controversy Assistant Coordinator

KUGS 89.3 FM
General Manager
Program Director
Development Director
Maintenance Engineer
Music Director
News & Public Affairs Director
Operations Coordinator
Promotions Coordinator
Speciality Music Coordinator
KVIK Coordinator

Operations Manager
Staff Manager

Legislative Liaison
Elections Coordinator
Student Senate Chair

Spring Hiring Timeline

March 1-23
Applications and job descriptions for all salaried positions (approx. 70) will be available in the file cabinet outside Viking Union 505, as well as the AS website

March 7
AS Job Fair in the Viking Union
MPR, 10:00am-3:00pm

March 23
All job applications due by 5:00pm (return to wood box outside Viking Union 505)

April 2-20
Hiring Committees review
applications and conduct interviews