Ah, Viking Union, the old friend who’s there for us when we are cold, hungry, and… in need of a fantastic occasion? While we all know the VU as the stanchion of student wellbeing, not everyone knows about all of the services you can find in this gentle giant of student needs.

For those of you wanting to know more, here is a floor-by-floor rundown of things you can find in the VU:

Floor One: Sparse. Utilitarian. The VU’s first floor is like a French, post-modern novel. Here you will find the elevator shelter that serves as a gateway to the rest of the VU, as well as to High street and the University.

Also found in an outcropping on floor one is the Outdoor Center. The Outdoor Center is the place to go if you need a bike shop, various gear rental, resources for your various outdoor excursions, or even an outdoor excursion itself.

Floor Two: Floor two is a mystery steeped in legend for both the staff and the students of Western. Because of recent legal developments, I’ve been forced to cut the rest of this floor’s description out.

Floor Three: It is here that you will discover the enigma that is the Underground Coffeehouse. Aside from being a beacon in the midst of Bellingham culture, the Underground Coffeehouse also serves a variety of tasty snacks in both liquid and solid forms. Little known fact about the Underground Coffeehouse: the Underground Coffeehouse is the only Coffeehouse in the world which claims to be both on the third floor of a building, and underground.

Floor Four: Despite the mystique and grandness of floor six, floor four might just be my favorite office. Not only does it house the Publicity Center, a place more commonly known as the AS Review Headquarters in the circles I travel, but it also gives shelter to a variety of great AS offices. On the fourth floor you can find the Ethnic Student Center, the AS Activities Center, AS Productions, the Ethnic Student Center, KVIK, NHA and NRHH.

Floor Five: This floor is a doozy of a floor, if you know what I mean. While this floor is home to the AS Board and a post office, throughout its halls you can find so much more. All seven of the Resource and Outreach Program’s offices can be found on floor five, in addition to the VU administration, almost all of the Associated Students administrative offices, the Student senate, and, in the fifth floor lobby, the infamous housing board.

Floor Six: This is the floor that we all know and love. It’s your basic eat, drink, and be merry kind of floor– offering a large assortment of food and beverages through the Viking Market, as well as services like information, cash and soda machines, and a copier.

Floor Seven: Let us not forget floor seven. It is here that you will find KUGS, our own wonderful college radio station. Ah, let us never forget floor seven, which also offers a good selection of seating in a commons area just off the stairs.

And that’s all there is to the VU. Thanks for stopping by.