Matt Crowley/The AS Review

It’s finals week, which means no shows for the ASP Underground Coffeehouse Concert Series until next quarter. In the meantime, the AS Review sat down with Underground Coffeehouse Coordinator Nick Duncan to talk about his time at the Underground so far.

AS Review: What originally got you interested in working for the Underground?

Nick Duncan: For me, it was a) I did a lot of political organizing back in Seattle and Kirkland and I enjoyed it and we did a pretty good job, our team did a lot of really cool things and it was pretty inspiring and b) I came to Bellingham and there is no all-ages music.  When I first came here it was WhAAM! and the Underground; there were no house shows, only bars.

ASR: Isn’t it still pretty much WhAAM! and the Underground?

ND: Yeah, but now the house show scene has come back, you know, you can find shows on weekends. But the chance to get myself involved and be able to put on really good all-ages music was something I had a passion about and it was a huge opportunity for me to do it.

ASR: Since you started working at the Coffeehouse, what has been your favorite thing about it?

ND: It’s hard to point out an exact band that was my favorite to bring. We’ve had great shows for a lot of different reasons, like, there was the SpaceBand show, which was really fun and had a really good turnout.  But at the same time there were shows like the Inchworms and Real Live Tigers show just recently, and no one was there but it was some of the best music I’ve seen come through the Coffeehouse.

What makes me feel the best about my job is when the stars kind of align and the good band shows up and there are a lot of people at the Coffeehouse. … Knowing that I was able to give that many people the night that they wanted is really awesome.

ASR: Why is the Coffeehouse important to have on campus?

ND: Well … Bellingham has a problem with all-ages music in that there’s just not a place for kids who aren’t 21 to go out and see music. There’s a lot of high school kids that go to WhAAM! but there’s a ton of people who live in the dorms here who are kind of removed from downtown that are underage and it’s a great asset for the campus. A) you get great bands coming through that people are interested in and b) it gives kids something to do instead of sitting in their dorm rooms. It’s a huge service for the college.

ASR: Does this job compare to something you might pursue as a career?

ND: When I signed up for it, it wasn’t. When I signed up, it was kind of like, this sounds like it will be a really fun year doing all this stuff. But now, I think I’m still going to do a pretty academic major … At the same time, the idea of opening a venue somewhere and running an all-ages space, especially moving to a town that doesn’t have anything like Bellingham where it’s really limited, and being able to start that off, that would be great.

The Underground Concert Series will resume after spring break. For more information about shows, keep an eye on the AS Review events calendar and the online AS events calendar at