Matt Crowley/The AS Review

At 8 p.m. on Wednesday, March 3,  local band Halcyon, comprised of Sean Hendryx, Ryan Ehrgood and Sam Malsam, will join Summer, a.k.a. Robert Borrego, for the newest installment of the Underground Coffeehouse Concert Series. As always, the shows are free and open to the public. However, in leiu of our usual music review, we talked with Underground Coffeehouse Assistant Coordinator Lora Mednick about her experience at the Coffeehouse so far.

What got you interested in working for the Underground Coffeehouse?

Last year I was a freshman in the dorms and I was living on the Ridge and I frequented the Underground a lot. I went to open mics every week and heard about the concert series and thought it was really cool, so I’d go check it out whenever I was around. … I wanted to work for the AS because I thought it was a really good way to get involved with the school. I already had some experience working with bands from event planning and volunteering at the Vera Project. … I just felt familiar with it, and it was something I had done before but it was in a new context.

What is your favorite thing about the Coffeehouse?

The best thing about the Coffeehouse is that even though great things happen there all the time, the best part is when you’re really surprised by what you see. And it’s great that the Underground has this sort of mystery. … Over the years it’s gone from mostly singer-songwriter types to any genre you can think of. The Underground holds up to 150 people, so on any night there is only a small portion of the school who is there. … The Underground is sort of a secret in that way. … It stays true to its name.

Why do you think the Coffeehouse is important to have on campus?

It exposes people to things they wouldn’t normally come across. And because it’s free you can come and be surprised. It provides students an opportunity outside of academics to be exposed to different things. … We try to make our program as representative as possible. …  Every act isn’t going to be for everybody, but there will at least be something there you can enjoy.  You have the opportunity to be exposed to whatever happens there, and that’s the whole point.