“Superbad” is a coming-of-age tale of two best friends, high school seniors Seth and Evan. Like most movies within the teen high school genre the main plot is based around the two friends' determination to “get some.” The cast includes Michael Cera from Arrested Development and Seth Rogen and from the 90s sitcom “Freaks and Geeks.” Unlike the majority of teen party movies “Superbad” is actually somewhat convincing in its absurdness. Maybe its believability is the product of a script written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Rogen and Goldberg started writing the screenplay at age 13. The producer Judd Apatow also directed “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and “Knocked Up.”

What is most impressive about this movie is the believability of the characters; you can actually see your friends in this movie. Be warned: at times the shocking sexual content and strong language may be too much for the faint of heart. When it comes to the level of appropriateness it's not just bad it's Superbad. But this didn't stop the film from being the highest grossing high school comedy of all time.

This film is definitely worth watching if only for the unforgettable adventures largely fueled by the quest for alcohol led by a nerdy minor who tries to pass as the 25-year-old Hawaiian named McLovin.

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