In order to showcase and celebrate this year’s environmental achievements and spread awareness of environmental club activity, a collection of Western environmental clubs will put on the first ever Green Tie Gala Event.

The Green Tie Gala dinner will take place Wednesday, May 9 from 6 to 9 p.m. in the Viking Union Multipurpose Room. Tickets can be purchased at the door and are $7 for students and $10 for community members.

Attendees of the event are expected to dress in formal attire. There will be a dinner catered by the Student For Sustainable Food club, a jazz band, raffle, and a keynote speech by environmental science professor, John Miles.

The core of the gala consists of presentations from several clubs such as Students for Renewable Energy and Students for Sustainable Water.

Amy Holm, Associated Students Environmental Center’s Environmental Club Networker, said the main purpose of the event is to encourage collaboration between environmental club leaders and members as they share their accomplishments at the gala.

“I think collaborating between the clubs is another way to move these leaders into an atmosphere where they can really put all of their work together and find similarities between all the clubs,” Holm said “The members can learn about other things going on and just really put everyone’s knowledge together.”

Sophomore Carolyn Bowie said the dinner, consisting of all local and organic food, is one part of the Green Tie Gala’s allure. The menu consists of a rhubarb, orange, apple, leek, snap pea salad with an agave, mint, orange dressing; garbanzo bean pizzas with cilantro pesto and marinated veggies; baked raspberry dessert bars; and horchata, a beverage typically made from ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice or barley.

“I went to the test kitchen sampling of what the food would be like and it’s so fabulous and delicious,” Bowie said. “People are going to be looking good and it’ll be really fun.”

The idea for the Green Tie Gala came from weekly environmental club leader meetings facilitated by Holm. She said although many people with an environmental focus at Western have different interests, the gala will serve to find the similarities between those interests and foster strong interclub relations.

“It’s going to be a great way to get people to know about what the environmental clubs have been working on this year who may not have had any kind of interaction with them at all,” Holm said. “We’re reaching out and celebrating what has been going on this year.”