Western students can take a break from the books at the Associated Students KVIK “You Would!” show at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 6 and Wednesday, March 7 in Arntzen Hall 100.

“You Would!,” a free show that will take place during dead week, will showcase a wide variety of acts, including film sketches, live skits, stand-up comedy, musical acts and improv performed by the Dead Parrots Society, AS KVIK coordinator Robert Bojorquez said.

KVIK, produces an episode of “You Would!” every quarter during dead week. This quarter’s theme is history, and all the filmed and live comedy sketches will center around the theme, Bojorquez said.

Historical figures will be prominent throughout KVIK’s parody of “Next,” MTV’s dating show in which a single person goes on blind dates with five suitors waiting in an RV, “You Would!” co-executive producer Ashley Smith said. Another parody Smith said viewers should look out for is “Da Viking Code,” which is intended to be a parody of the “DaVinci Code.”

Besides historical figures, those attending the show will be able to look back into the history of “You Would!” There will be a remake of the shows very first skit, Smith said. Previous themes for the “You Would!” show have centered around holidays and movies.
While many of the acts are written and planned ahead of time, the Dead Parrots Society, Western’s improv comedy troupe, will perform at the Wednesday, March 7 show. “Since it’s improv, we base our skit on whatever the audience gives us,” said Greg Phelps, a Dead Parrots Society member.

“People that have seen us for the first time see how improv can be so funny, even when everything is made up on the spot and there is nothing rehearsed,” he said.

Bojorquez said those attending will be treated to a hilarious show and see the hard work and love the makers of “You Would!” put into making the show creative, successful and funny, he said. 


“When we pre-screen [the scripts] before the show to make sure everything’s FCC clean, there’s always a surprise,” Bojorquez said. “I never know what to expect and that’s so important to comedy. You’re going to go in fresh, you’re not going to know what you’re going to see and hopefully you’ll go home happy.”

The next pair of “You Would!” shows will take place May 29-30, during the dead week of spring quarter. While there is currently no theme, Smith and Bojorquez are looking for writers and other contributors to create another successful and laugh-filled episode.

Production meetings are held in Viking Union 462A every Monday at 7 p.m., with writer’s meetings following after, for anyone who would like to get involved with the show, Bojorquez said.