We’ve all attempted to twerk and it probably didn’t go well, but now here’s a chance to see how it’s really done at Western’s Hip Hop Dance Team’s sixth annual hip hop showcase, tWWUrk 2.0.

tWWUrk 2.0, a sequel to last year’s performance entitled tWWUrk, will be held on Friday, April 11 at 8 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center Concert Hall. The showcase will not only feature performances from WWUHHDT, but also guest performances from dance groups of the greater Seattle area and a performance from rapper and Western alum Anthony Hale.

WWUHHDT, led by captains Hannah Thomas, Ashley Beymer and Tarah Desatoff, will perform six dances, including ones from previous performances and new ones. Each dance is choreographed by a member of the dance team and follows a certain theme, like “Back to School,” “Beyonce” or “Swag.”

“We usually pick a theme or an idea of what we want a dance to be like and see who wants to choreograph. Before we would just have a couple of people choreograph all the dances for the whole year, but we found that it’s a lot more fun and a lot more diverse to have everybody who wants to choreograph be able to do that,” Desatoff said. “It’s turned out really well because everyone has their own style and it makes everyone grow as dancers because you have to adapt to different styles.”

According to Desatoff, the team performs mainly a general form of hip-hop laced with other musical influences, including Latin, African, reggaeton and more.

Like the event name implies, there will definitely be twerking, however you can expect it to be more artful than that of Miley Cyrus.

“Nobody even knows what twerking is, it’s pretty much booty-popping basically,” Desatoff said. “It’s just a movement, but there’s so many things associated with it. Like last year calling the event tWWUrk was funny, but it was also ironic because nobody really knew what twerking was and it had just started to become popular. And this year, when we were planning we wanted to keep the image of it more hip-hop orientated versus just girls booty-popping.”

Desatoff stresses that the showcase will focus on hip-hop dance as more of an art form rather than simply a dance.

“Behind all choreography that we’ve done and all of our pieces, there’s a little bit of acting that goes into it,” Desatoff said. “You have a character and you have to portray these feelings or visual images. It’s like with any other kind of dance, you want the audience to feel something. It’s not just for pure shock appeal.”

Tickets for tWWUrk 2.0 are $8 for students and $11 for general admission. WWUHHDT has auditions at the beginning of every school year and accepts people based on skill level.