With winter break over and New Year’s Eve celebrations passing, there is sure to be an abundant of left over champagne, sparkling cider and other celebratory drinks lying around the house.

            While many choose to either dump out the drinks, these drinks can always be saved for a later time. Instead of just drinking them by themselves, there are a variety of ways to enjoy these beverages in different and delicious ways. Recipes are from allrecipes.com.

Champagne Peach Punch


11.5 ounces peach nectar

6 ounces frozen orange juice concentrate

1 / 4 cup lemon juice

1 / 2 cup peach schnapps

32 ounces carbonated water

3 bottles of champagne



In a large punch bowl, combine peach nectar, orange juice concentrate, lemon juice and peach schnapps.

Mix well then add carbonated water and champagne.

Add ice, fruit or mint leaves for garnish.


Sparkling Cider Punch


2 lemons

3 large oranges

6 ounces frozen lemonade concentrate

1 liter club soda

2 bottles of sparkling cider

1 tablespoon white sugar

ice cubs



Slice lemons and oranges into thin slices and then place them in a large punch bowl.

Slightly thaw lemonade concentrate and pour in.

Add and stir in club soda and sparkling cider, followed by adding sugar to taste.


Strawberry Champagne Punch


1 bottle of champagne

2 liter chilled ginger ale

10 ounces frozen strawberries, partially thawed



Combine ingredients in a punch bowl and gently stir.