Imagine traveling around Europe on 84 cents a day. Gil White, traveler extraordinaire and author of Europe on 84 Cents a Day, did it and he’s coming to Western to share his story and inspire the Western community with techniques on how to stretch a slim travel budget.

ASP Special Events will present “Europe and the World on 84 Cents a Day” on Tuesday Jan. 30 in the Multi Purpose Room in the Viking Union. Admission is free of charge.

Special Events Coordinator Gabe Prestella says the event is not just for people traveling to Europe, but anywhere in the world.
“If you’re thinking about traveling or if you’re going to travel you’ll definitely want to come to this,” says Prestella. “Even if traveling is something you want to do in the future. This is free and it can save you money in the future.”

With the lecture, Prestella hopes even students or faculty members who have traveled before and are familiar with drawing out the cash flow will gain something from the lecture. Prestella, an avid traveler, proclaims that he already learned a few new tricks from his phone conversations with White.

“A lot of what he was saying made a lot of sense to me,” says Prestella. “When I traveled through Europe, I did it on about 20, 25 bucks a day. With some of his tips, I’m sure I could bring it down to 8, 10 dollars a day. I’m sure some people would be willing to find ways to cut cost even more.”

Gil White has given over 550 lectures in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain. He has visited some universities up to 11 times. Western is a school that he has returned to on three previous occasions.

Gil White claims that the lecture has something for everybody. It will consist of travel anecdotes as well as 28 original and amusing cost-saving tips for catching a free ride, finding cheap or free accommodations, eating free food, and for saving money on currency exchange.

White’s main purpose though is to encourage people to be creative, enthusiastic, imaginative, adventurous and explore the world creatively. It doesn’t come totally free though, he continues, a lot of the cost saving comes from giving back to the locals.
“I hope that students will come out of the lecture thinking that they have hope to travel on a budget and that it is affordable for them,” says White. “A lot of students think that they have to save thousands of dollars to be able to travel, but really the main point of my lecture is not just saving money, but about meeting people…I’m trying to show students an unconventional way to travel.”

“So many students are traveling here or taking breaks in the summer and wanting to get out there and see the world while they’re still young before they have to face the bitter reality of working 40 hours a week,” says Prestella. “Now is the time for people to travel; this is the opportune time of your life where you can actually get out there and see the world.”