By Allison Milton/The AS Review

If you are having troubles with your landlord and need legal advice, whom are you going to call? If you are interested in attending law school or becoming a lawyer and need some help getting started, whom are you going to call? While many of you may be thinking of the Ghostbusters theme song, the AS ROP has something else in mind. No, they do not fight ghosts, but the AS ROP Legal Information Center (LIC) provides assistance to students with legal questions and offers legal advice, information and resources.

Chris Chatburn, LIC coordinator, said the LIC offers three different types of services to students: peer advising for legal issues, advising for future law careers, and events and programs related to law.

Common issues students bring to the LIC include tickets, and alcohol and drug-related arrests, Chatburn said. He said students who receive tickets, whether it is an MIP, a possession-related charge or a DWI, come into the LIC to seek information on court dates, fines and what may happen next.

It is very possible that sometime in your college career, you will be involved in a legal dilemma and need your questions answered. According to Chatburn, a common concern is legal issues related to roommates and landlords. The LIC can help students find ways to deal with the situation or prevent these those issues from occurring in the future, Chatburn said.

The LIC cannot directly provide legal advice. If the LIC is unable to answer questions regarding legalities or issues, they can assist students in finding a lawyer and have contacts with community resources that students can use, Chatburn said.

In addition, the LIC often hosts programs on campus covering a variety of subjects from law school fairs to Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) sessions.

For Western students interested in pursing a career in law, the LIC is hosting a free practice LSAT at 9 a.m. on Feb. 20 in CF 125. Students interested in taking the practice test must register online at

The events put on by the LIC are not just for future lawyers either. Although the time and place have not been confirmed, the LIC will be hosting a reenactment of the famous Roe v. Wade case. This event will be co-sponsored by the AS Sexual Awareness Center.

“We decided to do this event because most Western students can probably tell you the precedent set by the Roe decision but similarly most students probably have no idea where in the Constitution the decision was founded or to what situations the decision applies in,” Chatburn said.

The LIC is located in Viking Union 528.  For more information, visit