As you may already know, Western senior Nicholas L. DeLauder passed away Nov. 11. The causes are still unknown, Edens Higginson Community resident director Phil Burns said. DeLauder was 22.

Shortly after his death the community held meetings to assist residents with the grieving process, Burns said. A representative of the Counseling Center presented to the students and told them to contact the center later if they need further assistance with the grieving process, he said. More than two-thirds of the students in the Edens Higginson Community attended, he said.

Some resident advisors are in the process of meeting with individual students to check in. Also, the Edens Higginson community is collecting condolence notes for DeLauder's family.

The thoughts of everyone at The AS Review are with those affected by DeLauder's death. The Counseling Center is available for any students who feel like they need support or someone to talk to at this time. Please contact the center at 360.650.3164 or in Old Main 540.