For many, recollecting high school memories includes many nights of dating, dressing up, and dancing the night away at Homecoming, Prom, or one of the many other high school dances. For others, dances bring back memories of a judgmental, non-inclusive environment, which is one of the main reasons the Queer Resource Center decided to put on “Homocoming.”

Homocoming is an event that is going to take place on Friday, Dec. 7 from 8 p.m. to midnight in the Viking Union Multipurpose Room. The event is $1 for students with ID, and $3 for students without. The event will include dancing, a live DJ, food, games, dancing, and most importantly simply a fun, inclusive and comfortable environment for students of all sexualities to express themselves and have fun.

The theme of this year’s dance is Magic In The Snow.  QRC Assistant Coordinator Matt Smith stated that the event is going to be semi-formal, but also described the theme as fierce fashion with a wintery flare. Students are encouraged to dress up, while also dressing within reason. The DJ, who is going to play a wide range of music, will a focus on the general dance theme. The main intention of the event is not only to provide a safe environment for students to dance and have fun, but also for students to have a place to de-stress and let go for a little while.

Smith also stated that although the event is primarily marketed for Queer students and their allies, it is also open to students who don’t associate themselves will the Queer community. He stated that these students are more than welcome, and even encouraged to go as long as they respect the event, environment and other students who are also in attendance.

The event has had a great turnout in the past, and is sure to provide a great place to spend your Friday night.