Why are you seeking this position?

The first reason is that I have personal experience with this position because I worked at the Senate this last year. I really like what I did there and I think I can bring a lot to the table because working with the senator one-on-one taught me how to approach a senator one-on-one and get an issue across to them. I think I could be a good asset to a school... This job is an entry for me to get more engaged... I want to push people to get more engaged. I feel like that’s something that everyone at this position wants to do, but this is a way for me to get more involved and I think I’d do a great job at it.
Also I want to diversify the AS a bit more. I feel like the AS is a bit one-set, one-mind. I’m not that far out there, but I want to bring a different viewpoint to the table. I have a unique set of experiences that will change the perspectives that board members have, or at least influence in a positive way.

What do you think is the role of the VP for Governmental Affairs?

Basically I see the role as an intermediary between the school and local and state politics. That to me is the primary purpose of this job: to go out there and represent the school as best you can in a positive way, to portray what the students want to say, since that’s all you are, an ambassador for students. As the VP it’s very important that you just know what the message is and get it to who needs to know. It’s going to be especially important at the local level, but also at the state level with the legislature.
Other than that, just the basics: student engagement and involvement, politics on campus and abroad - as it’s important to get students involved in the political field and civically engaged at our state legislature. I want to make the students have a voice and show them they have a voice.

What is one issue affecting students that you would like to focus on or work on next year?

One of the big things that they came and lobbied for at Viking Lobby Day that really stuck out to me was the Carver Gym renovation. So, that’s the one I want to focus on. I believe that civic engagement is all and good, but if there is one particular issue that I want to work on, it’d be Carver Gym.
I want to work on legislation that would get funding to at least get started on it, because it is in terrible condition. That’s the one issue that I want to work on.



“A FRESH Take on OLD Politics”

I am currently pursuing a Joint-Major in Political Science/Social Studies. As a current member of the U.S. Army and former legislative intern for the Washington State Senate, I will bring high levels of experience, leadership, and professionalism to the table; along with a unique understanding of how our government functions at the state level.

My priorities include:
Actively promoting student AWARENESS and INVOLVEMENT on legislative issues regarding education.

Striving to enhance student COHESION and UNITY on otherwise divisive issues.
Utilizing the experience which I gained from the Senate to formulate plans specifically targeted to EFFECTIVELY and ACCURATELY communicate the priorities of students to law-makers in Olympia.
Coordinate and Collaborate with other universities to find the BEST SOLUTIONS to common problems.
It has been “politics as usual” for too long in Olympia, let’s work together to change it. Thank you for your support! (www.facebook.com/richtmyreforvp)