Why are you seeking this position?

I’m running for President because I love the students of Western and I think the Associated Students can do even more to serve them. During my time on the board, I have learned a lot about the organization that I can use to help make changes next year to better support our students.
The Associated Students is an amazing organization, but I want to expand the number of students that become involved, and by doing that, create a better Western experience.

What do you think is the role of the AS President?

The President’s main job is to support the Vice Presidents in the way that they want to be supported. The President also represents the AS to university administration and to outside organizations. Next year the President will be the main liaison for the foundation of our Alumni Association.
This is key in moving toward divestment from fossil fuels, something students supported in last year’s elections. I’m willing to go beyond the role of the job in order to make sure all students feel represented in the Associated Students.

What is one issue affecting students that you would like to focus on or work on next year?

The Washington State Legislature has consistently decreased funding for higher education and it’s time that students talk to legislators and asked for a tuition decrease.
Higher education should be accessible to everyone and by not trying to make it more accessible we’re doing a disservice not only to Western students but to students that couldn’t attend Western because of high costs.
I’ve worked with the Washington Student Association this year to advocate for Washington students and I’m excited to bring a stronger student voice to Olympia next year.
While advocating to keep tuition low, I want to ensure that our university gets enough money to provide students the best possible experience, making sure that students can not only afford higher education, but afford a higher education that will allow them to excel.



My name is Josie, and I’m running for AS President. During my term there are a few things I want to accomplish:
A tuition decrease: If we keep asking for a tuition freeze that’s all we’ll receive. I can advocate for this by utilizing the strong student network I’ve worked on with other schools over the last year to create a unified voice in Olympia and bring student issues to the forefront.
Expanding the AS: The Associated Students is an amazing organization, but many students don’t know the benefits that come from being involved. I want to increase awareness of what the AS can do for you.
I’m a sophomore with a year of experience on the Board of Directors; I am passionate about representing my identity as a queer student and making sure that first and second year students have equal representation. I hope you’ll vote Josie for President.