When someone says that they are a feminist, what do you think? Do terrifying Feminazis march through your head, proclaiming that men are pigs and female domination is the only way to go? Fear not; feminists are not here to remove your testicles and make a huge deal about their menstrual cycles. In fact, they’re pretty cool people. To help you replace your Feminazis with the real picture of a feminist, attend the Feminism Is For Everyone concert on Monday, November 28 at 8:00 p.m. in the VU Multipurpose room.

This concert will feature not only the fabulous musical stylings of Racetrack, Shook Ones, Ms. Led, Amber Darland and Bernard Ikegquoha, but it will also be an education event focused on informing people about the feminist movement.

AS club Loa Records is sponsoring Feminism Is For Everyone. “It’s a really good idea for us to have a fun atmosphere that will provide a place for people to learn about feminism and obtain some resources…it’s meant to be a non-intimidating approach to get the word out,” said Loa Records honcho Joe Olmstead. “We hope people will come who wonder if they could be a feminist or who are usually turned away by feminism.”

Olmstead said that he thought the club should get involved and help spread the word about feminism after learning a great deal about the movement in his Women’s Studies 211 class. His notes define feminism as “a movement to end sexism, sexual exploitation and oppression of women.” This is a far cry from many of the ideas circulating about feminism. In fact, feminism is essentially just a movement to get equal rights for women. Olmstead suggested asking yourself if you are OK with equal rights, because if you are, you just might be a feminist.

The bands involved in the event represent a cross section of people that support feminism. Racetrack— a local, self-proclaimed “three-piece power pop” band— is “a good fit because they have the same mindset as the event,” said Olmstead. “They are behind the whole movement. I would say that about all of the bands.” Even if you’re just into local music, this is a band to see. Harvey Danger’s front man/Stranger columnist Sean Nelson wrote that you should “see [Racetrack] now, before you have to pretend you saw them when.”

The Shook Ones, a high energy Seattle band is also a stereotype-breaking feminist band. Olmstead said that he wonders how people will react to seeing their “all-male face of feminism.”
Western student Bernard Ikegquoha is supporting the event by volunteering his incredible singing talents with a 10-minute R&B set.

Though music will kick off the event, both the music and the information that will be provided are going to be heavily emphasized at the concert. In between the musicians, there will be guest speakers and spoken word performances as well as info tables from Western Men Against Violence, the LGBTA, the Women’s Center and more. “This is a many layered event,” said Olmstead.

So come out, and find that inner-feminist in you. Or just come, open your mind, and hear some kick ass local music.
Feminism Is For Everyone is a free event in the VU Multipurpose Room at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, November 28. For more information, contact Joe Olmstead at 303-6194.