I can predict the future. Let me tell you a little bit about yours: On March 10, the Friday that kicks off the weekend before finals week, I predict that you will need a little break from studying, and that taking that break will be essential to your ability to actually remain productive over the weekend. Furthermore, you will want to have a good time, to let lose a bit before you hit the books. Sound about right? Thought so.

What would you say if I told you that the AS Concert Series coordinators are even more psychic than I am? What would you say if I told you that they foretold this Friday night predicament long ago, and planned a show so lively, so moving, so different, so eclectic, that it is guaranteed to give you everything you ever wanted from life and more, to leave you amped, relaxed and entertained all at once? Unbelievable as it sounds, the fine folks that put together the Concert Series are pretty sure that Heroes and Villains, the five member Portland-based band sporting a variety of unusual instruments, and a musical repertory unclassifiable by genre, may do just that. You can hear them for free this Friday night, at 8 pm in the Underground Coffeehouse.

When I imagine the performance of Heroes and Villains, my mind immediately jumps to images of rogue bandits with superman capes whizzing in and out of the furniture in the Underground Coffeehouse, banging on tables and lamps as they go along in their effervescent way. Nevertheless, eclectic as they may be, Heroes and Villains probably won’t knock over your latte in a show of theatrical frenzy. They will, however, dazzle you with some kick-ass music.

“They’re an exciting band that take all sorts of eclectic styles from jazz to gypsy to pop, that create a really interesting and neat sound,” said Coty Hogue, co-coordinator of the AS Concert Series. The series works to bring local and regional musical talent, in a wide range of styles, to the Underground Coffeehouse stage, to delight and excite students through live, free music. The Heroes and Villains show promises to do all of the above. “If you like music that goes beyond genre, then you’ll like this show,” said Hogue. “They mix so much that there’s something for everybody.”

Heroes and Villains has released just one five-song EP, but it contains a compelling assortment of songs worth hearing. If Belle and Sebastian met a piano jam by Ben Folds Five, added the sound of the glockenspiel, and got Andrew Byrd to jam with them, they might end up with a sound loosely resembling that of Heroes and Villains. Their music weaves between the swingy, frisking sounds of jazz percussion and the quirky, bulbous sounds of a drunken waltz or polka, all knit together with beautiful vocal harmonies and the occasional school-aged child chorus. Between covering Tom Waits tunes and belting out their own, original material, Heroes and Villains have made for themselves a nice little musical niche that is sure to tickle and excite your eardrums, and give you an enchanting, if fleeting, break from your all important studying.

“This show is on the Friday right before finals week. People are going to be stressing out. This music is a mix of all sorts of crazy styles and will let your brain have a break before finals week commences,” said Hogue. Don’t be stressed– come to the show and experience the joy and release that live, untamed music can bring to your life. Just be careful not to get so carried away in the netherworld of unusual sound that you abandon all sense of time and turn into a pumpkin. Your human form will serve you much better than your vegetable transformer self when you are faced with the actual trials of finals week. Plus, it is just not the season for pumpkins. Why the hell am I dwelling on pumpkins? Just come to the show- I promise it will be good time.

Heroes and Villains performs on Friday, March 10, at 8 pm in the Underground Coffee House. Be there or be… a pumpkin.