ASP Special Events advertises the show with a cardboard jeep in Red Square.

Whether it’s on the dance floor, in the bedroom, or with their breakfast foods, the members of the hip-hop and R&B collective, Turquoise Jeep, get down.

Those who want to get down and ride with the Jeep can do so on Wednesday, Nov. 9 when they perform in the Viking Union Multipurpose Room.

Doors will open at 6:30 p.m., and the show will start at 7 p.m. DK Reinemer, the winner of Western’s 4th annual Last Comic Standing, will open for Turquoise Jeep. Tickets can be purchased for $6 with student ID or $8 without at the Performing Arts Center box office.

Turquoise Jeep Records is comprised of rappers Flynt Flossy, Whatchyamacallit, Pretty Raheem, Yung Humma, Slick Mahoney and producer Tummiscratch Beats. Members of Turquoise Jeep collaborated in a series of YouTube music videos, which helped them gain popularity. Their songs cover the musical spectrum of R&B and hip-hop. While many of the videos seem comedic in nature, Turquoise Jeep is a legitimate musical collective with catchy beats, witty rhymes and original stage personas.

“The people who think the videos are funny will think, ‘Hey, that’ll be really cool to go see live,’ and the majority of the people on campus that want them to attend, they actually like the music,” Associated Students Productions Special Events Coordinator Jordan Renshaw said. “So it also appeals to that hip-hop crowd that we haven’t really tapped into a lot.”

The guys from Turquoise Jeep keep their songs intimately raunchy. Flynt Flossy and Yung Humma describe their love of smashing and banging in the music video for “Lemme Smang It,” while songs such as “Sex Syrup,” “Cavities” and “Fried or Fertilized,” create nice analogies of food products and sexual actions.

Sophomore Nick Ebling, who plans on attending the show, said that “Lemme Smang It” is one of his favorite songs.
“Their unprecedented style has redefined swag,” Ebling said.

Renshaw said that a lot of the Jeep’s appeal comes from their mysterious intentions as a group. He also said that Turquoise Jeep may have a satirical side to their videos and may be poking fun at other hip-hop and R&B groups.

“They do take their music seriously; they don’t make it as a joke,” Renshaw said. “I think the whole appeal to them is the audience doesn’t know if they’re for real or not.”

Reinemer, who will open the show with a stand-up comedy act, was the winner of the Last Comic Standing event put on by ASP Special Events on Oct. 21. He has been doing sketch and improvisation comedy for more than seven years and has been doing stand-up for two years. Reinemer, who sometimes plays guitar during his stand-up acts, said that he would incorporate more music into this performance to help introduce Turquoise Jeep.

“I’m intro-ing this group, so I want do a really good job to get the audience real stoked and excited about what they’re about to see,” Reinemer said. “I’ll throw a little music in there, throw some comedy in and get it going.”

The show came as a response to a Facebook page made by Western students last year requesting that Flynt Flossy, Whatchyamacallit and the other guys from Turquoise Jeep be brought to campus. Renshaw said that ASP recognized the demand generated by more than 700 students who liked the page and decided to make it happen.

“We decided that it’s an event that will not only be really, really cool to have as a special event but one that people obviously really wanted,” Renshaw said. “Our whole thing is trying to cater to student demand.”