By Oliver Anderson/ KUGS 89.3 FM

As diverse as a bouquet of flowers, KUGS’s stems twist in radically different, but brilliant, directions. Some stems reach to far-off corners of the globe, exploring the evolution of regional flavors; others keep their ears tuned to the indie scenes, bringing you hot bands before they get scooped up by major labels. Virtually any music style you can think of, from spazzed-out electronic to sedated Icelandic pop, we’ve got you covered. Not enough for you? How about award-winning news programming, live, in-studio bands, and a plethora of interviews?

In addition to our 35 specialty shows, the staff at KUGS likes to keep their ears to the news beat. Beginning this fall, KUGS will proudly play host to 3 different, locally-produced news programs.
Supplementing the majesty that is Democracy Now! and Free Speech Radio News will be programs concerning environmental issues, the world of the Associated Students, and the effect of international matters on ethnic communities here at home.

And that’s just what we produce in the studio! If you’re rockin’ a keen set of ears and some choice peepers, you can catch KUGS all around the town this year. Part of our commitment to the Bellingham community has us out and about, tabling and laying down the funky cuts at local festivals and gatherings. This year on the WWU campus, you can catch us tabling at different events, putting on bangin’ concerts and collaborating with all of the various Associated Students groups to bring you the freshest events.

Here at KUGS, we really go the extra mile to give our listeners what they want to hear, and it seems to show. Someone must like us, because we’ve been voted “Best Radio Station in Bellingham” for the past four years by the Bellingham Weekly; something we take great pride in.

But is it possible that our success isn’t all about the music? Perhaps it’s the insane ease with which any WWU student can become involved. Students get the unique privilege of a real, non-commercial radio experience; one without the brutal hindrance of predetermined play lists. As we constantly evolve, each new quarter brings righteous new ideas for shows, keeping a healthy balance between setting the trends and following them.

So what do say? Interested in mastering the air waves? Getting your foot in the door of the radio world has never been easier. If you want to get involved with 89.3 KUGS FM, stop by our offices and fill out an application. You can catch us Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., at our penthouse suite on the 7th floor of the Viking Union.