Has anyone ever told you have a face for radio? If so, the perfect opportunity for you has presented itself: you could be a KUGS radio DJ during the summer.

“Normally we have so many people applying that there aren’t enough spots,” Program Director, Oliver Anderson said, his voice dripping with regret. During the summer, however, when Western’s campus is less populated, the applications for a position at KUGS drop dramatically.

“It’s a perfect way to get your foot in the door,” Anderson explained. “I’m not guaranteeing that you’ll get in, but the chances of getting a music slot right away are very high.”

During the school year the large number of applicants lead most first-timers to work as newsreaders for a quarter before they can re-apply to get a radio show. Many times their first show is a news show, and they don’t get the chance to play music.

Also, Anderson said, “I really encourage ugly people to apply. We have good looking people and mediocre-looking people working side by side.”

Those who are smart enough to apply for a job during the summer will most likely get promoted directly to a spot in Music For the Masses, a daily variety show that goes from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday through Friday. Though the DJ’s are given a structure to work with, it’s still a very loose format, according to Anderson.

The structure is based on the categories that CDs are put in from which the DJs are required to pick their songs. However, there are about 40 full-length albums in each category, so there is a huge number of songs that are available to play. Also, every week there are about 20 CDs that are put in the new music section. Basically, the DJs have access to a ridiculous amount of music.

Due to the variety of music, Anderson spoke to the great opportunity DJs have to discover new bands and expand their own music tastes.

After working for Music For the Masses, DJs are given the opportunity to pitch their own specialty music show, which can basically be anything their little heart desires.

All in all, Anderson described the experience of working at KUGS as “So, so awesome. It’s laid back and you get the support of your peers and advisor. It’s just a fun working environment. Basically we’re all loose, joking around, listening to music. It’s the best job in the AS.”