h5. Hey hey, my my— college radio will never die

Sure, you’re probably thinking— “come on man, it’s summer! Nobody would man the boards through the summer.” You probably figured KUGS takes a Cthulhu-esque nap this time of year, waiting and dreaming in the depths of the Southeast Pacific to emerge in September for ravening delight.

Well, you probably also believed in Santa Claus once and, just like Mom accidently using the same wrapping paper on both sets of gifts, I’m here to shatter your idyllic summer vacation utopic fantasyland.

Yes, the KUGS Kids work the summer through, slavishly sorting CDs to bring you the best and brightest in the world of music, news and more. Unlike those lazy network TV stars, they don’t have reruns to fall back on and instead work tirelessly to keep those hits a-coming.

A quick perusal of the handy-dandy summer program guide on the bottom-right of this page should tell you most everything you need to know. KUGS’ patchwork format lets it pipe an unbelievable diversity of music straight to your radio, with everything from your standard local indie fare to the world music shows on Sunday.
If one of those world music shows gets you wondering about geopolitics, you should check out the weekday news blocks. At 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, KUGS broadcasts dispatches from Free Speech Radio News, with Amy Goodman’s nationally syndicated Democracy Now! following at 6 p.m.

What’s that you say, Raheem? Traded in your vintage Panasonic box for a shiny new iBook for school? Don’t you worry; KUGS has you covered.

This past quarter, KUGS started broadcasting again online, through their website, www.kugs.org. Not only can you cue up your own digital stream but the site makes “name that tune” a snap, with a live playlist archive.