Despite the fact Western doesn’t have a filmmaking program, what started in 2002 as Western’s Television Broadcasting Club was later transformed the following year into the Associated Students program known as KVIK.
KVIK focuses on filmmaking and film productions. KVIK is entirely student-volunteer run with over 100 volunteers, with the exception of the AS KVIK Coordinator Roxy Ewing.

“For any of our shows, anyone can join. It doesn’t matter your skill level because there’s always stuff to do and people to learn from,” Ewing said. “You can shadow someone on a shoot to get a better sense of what the different roles on set are.”

YouWould! is KVIK’s live sketch comedy show which premiers twice a year - in the winter and spring. During the planning stage, a theme is devised for the show, and student writers must create sketch scripts that depict the themes. The performances are carried out live and are filmed for later viewing. At YouWould! performances, students can expect a live band and appearances from the Dead Parrot Society. The next show is scheduled for this May and meetings are in Viking Union 464 at 5 p.m. on Mondays.

KVIK’s news entertainment show, VTV [Viking Television], covers news on campus and in the Bellingham community. Episodes air on Vimeo every three weeks, and anyone who is interested in this production is welcome to attend the weekly meetings Tuesdays in Bond Hall 110 at 6 p.m. Episodes can be accessed at

Fourth Wall Films is a creative collaborative focusing in short films, often narratives.

“People interested in filmmaking get together and discuss different aspects of filmmaking, or if you have an idea for a project you want to do, you can pitch your idea and get other students to help you make it,” Ewing said. 

Occasionally this group will have workshops, such as working with lighting, meetings are in Miller Hall 135 at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Another KVIK show is Void Walker, a science fiction horror show about a person who has died and is in this void trying to get to their final resting place.

“We are working on our series finale episode right now,” Ewing said. “It’s pretty exciting because it’s the fourth year that it’s been produced through KVIK.”

It’s set to premiere in May on the KVIK Vimeo channel at Meetings are Thursdays at 6 p.m. in Miller Hall 135. 

Coming up on April 17 - 19 is KVIK and AS Productions Films’ third annual 48-Hour Film Festival. The rules are simple. Teams of three to six students are given a random film genre. All teams are given the same character, prop and line of dialogue that must be incorporated into their film. They are then given 48 hours to make a short film that is ten minutes or less. After film submission, all films will be viewed and judged by a panel of Western faculty and community members.

“The festival is really about the experience of making the film,” Ewing said.

A growth in teams was seen from the first year of only seven teams to twice the number of participants with 14 teams. Ewing shared that the cutoff for teams will be at 15.

“I’ve had a lot of fun getting ready for the 48-Hour Film festival, getting sponsors, figuring out rooms for where we’re going to have all the films shown,” Ewing said.

KVIK’s second film festival is new this year: the New Student Film Festival. Groups of new students were placed into teams and assigned mentors who were experienced with KVIK. Groups were given a week to make a short film with a checklist of film-making techniques and were required to learn about the different opportunities and resources at Western.

“The idea behind it was to get students that were interested in filmmaking but maybe didn’t know about KVIK other resources so that if they wanted to continue filmmaking while they were here at Western, then they would know what was available to them at the beginning of their time here,” Ewing said. “Even though there’s no program for filmmaking, there’s quite a few resources through KVIK and other classes.”

There’s plenty of opportunities for students interested in learning about filmmaking. KVIK offers a marketing and photography internship.

Email to learn more about it, or visit the office in Viking Union 423.