Student director, screenwriter and film editor Gabriel Conroy turns Western and Bellingham into a fallen city infested by zombies and hippies in his film “Lord of Zombie City,” which premiered May 8. The student written and directed film, which spoofs big budget Hollywood movies, features an impressively large cast of student actors and a dramatic original soundtrack. It follows the struggle of Nerf Marchino, a former Western Student who became a “private dick” after the zombie uprising and the fall of the university, and Aeyr, an elven warrior who emerged from the woods of Sehome Hill, as they attempt to get to the bottom of the recent stirring in the fallen city's usually peaceful zombie population.

The film's special effects lend portions of the movie a comic-book feel, with high contrast, texture and colored lighting. KVIK's skilled camera angles and editing turn Western's campus and the surrounding area into zombie patrolled alleys, abandoned construction sites and a wooded cave complete with a secret doorway. The exaggerated scenic shots recreate the melodramatic, bigger than life feel of some major motion pictures. The script—sometimes disjointed, but often witty—and direction take jabs at horror films, fantasy films and Western's hippie-throwback population.

While the film is not necessarily seamless, it far exceeds the expectations for a fully student created production and creates anticipation for what is to come from KVIK. The cast, crew and Conroy's sleepless nights and hours of work were clear in the final product and met with a standing ovation at the premiere. Bravo, KVIK!