This year’s theme of the AS Women’s Center’s literary journal, Labyrinth, is “Communities (Un)bound.” Submissions will be accepted until January 10.
Labyrinth has been published annually since the 1970’s to allow those with marginalized identities have a chance to have their voices heard. Submissions may include writing, images of visual art, photography or any printable mediums.
Last year, the theme was “Bodies in Motion,” with about approximately 700 printed copies. There were 26 written works and 28 visual pieces.
With regards to the theme of “Communities (Un)bound, the focus will be concepts like privilege and oppression, acceptance and rejection from communities and intersecting identities.
“This year we’re trying to open it up so that it’s inclusive to everyone,” said Women’s Center Coordinator for Creative Programming Logan Brouelette.
In the past, only those who identified as women were published in the journal, but it’s now more accessible to all identities.
A community may be defined in a number of ways, said Brouelette. Visible or invisible identities – which may include gender identity, class or how people interact such as sports and religion – can impact one’s sense of community.
“I want people to reflect on what kind of community they are part of,” said Brouelette. He added that people can write about what communities they aren’t a part of either. He sees the theme as broad and open-ended.
Once Labyrinth is printed, selected visual pieces will be displayed in the Viking Union Gallery. The journal will be distributed during a release party in the gallery, where authors may also read or perform their works.
To submit a piece to Labyrinth, visit Labyrinth’s OrgSynch page at, contact Brouelette at, visit the AS Women’s Center in VU 514 or call at (360) 650-6114.