With winter break just a week away, Western students will be looking forward to no classes, more quality time with their families, and depending on who is being asked, snow. While snow opens up the doors for several adventures and fun opportunities, too much snow can leave people stuck inside for several days.

So when and if the snow hits Washington hard, what is there to do?


Enjoy the snow from the inside.

While many people are literally snowed-in and can’t leave the house, many simply choose to stay and have fun indoors.

Western senior Patrick Turner suggests sitting on a comfortable chair and enjoying the view outside with a pet and a good book.

"Having a pet in my lap by the fire, that’s usually what I do," Turner said.

Nick Coyoe, bike technician at the Associated Students Outdoor Center, also enjoys staying indoors when the snow is out and catching up on movies and TV shows. Coyoe also enjoys drinks with friends, specifically peppermint schnapps with hot cacao.

For others, being snowed-in is a good time for cooking and sewing, Western junior Joel Yanagimachi said.

"I like to cook Asian food," Yanagimachi said with a laugh. "A lot of Asian food."

Yanagimachi also suggests sowing while staying inside and away from the snow. He enjoys creating pants and other articles of clothing, Yanagimachi said.

Get outside and enjoy the snow flurry.

Another way to enjoy the snow is to get out and have fun in it.

When the snow is out, Western senior Debby Cohen likes to go skiing or "jibbing," a variation of the sport where skiers use fixtures such as rails or boxes for jumps and tricks. Jibbing is a good alternative when there is not enough snow in the area, she said.

For those staying in the Bellingham area during winter break, Mount Baker is a great destination for snowboarding and skiing. Lift tickets for those older than 16 are $51 after tax on weekends and holidays, and tickets are $46 after tax on weekdays, according to the Mount Baker Ski Area website. Snowboard, ski and helmet rentals are available at the mountain, and snowboarding and skiing lessons are also offered.

Katie Frase, a senior at Western, enjoys snowboarding when the weather permits and also likes to go hiking, particularly on trails and areas designed for hiking in non-snowy weather.

"It’s totally different in the snow," Frase said.

Another idea for enjoying the snowy outdoors is sliding down snow-covered hills Yanagimachi and Cohen said.

While many people like to avoid the snow by staying inside, Frase and Cohen believe going out into the snow is necessary fun, especially to those who live in areas that receive regular snowfall.

"I don’t let the snow snow me in," Cohen said.

AS Outdoor Center employee Jake Merrill, who likes to snowboard, hike and ski during winter break, said he also  feels the only way to really enjoy the snow is to get out of the house.

"You just have to get up and get out there," Merrill said.