The band Eclecticity and Young Contributors of Read the Dirt, an Associated Students club, hope to bring together the Western community by providing them with an open forum to share their thoughts and ideas through the art of music. Attendees can also participate in a live recording for an upcoming Eclecticity album. “The People’s Choir” event, will be held on Wednesday, April 26 at 8 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center Concert Hall. The recording will be part of “Soul Chord,” an upcoming track on Eclecticity’s yet-to-be-named album coming out this summer.

Eclecticity guitarist and vocalist Samuel Eisen-Meyers said the event will contain various parts.

The first will be an open forum where Eisen-Meyers said he urges participants to share what is on their minds and reflect on the things to come. Eisen-Meyers said he hopes students will discuss their reasons for being at the event, their goals, inspirations and dreams.

The forum is closely tied to the Young Contributors of Read the Dirt writing competition. Read the Dirt is an online publication started by Western student Simon Davis-Cohen that focuses on objective, unbiased information on environmental topics. As part of the forum, students will be prompted with the question, “What would you like to see humans create/design/achieve before you die?” Eisen-Meyers said.

“We’re basically sponsoring the event and encouraging people to have an oral version of the writing competition,” said Davis-Cohen. He said submissions to the competition are not due until May 20, but those who answer the question at the People’s Choir event will have their responses recorded and may have them published as honorable mentions on, the organization’s website.

Eisen-Meyers said the question is a good way to get dialogue and discussion started at the People’s Choir event.

“We hope this will get the energy flowing and get in the right mindset and mood to share their thoughts,” Eisen-Meyers said.
The event will culminate with the recording for the track, Eisen-Meyers said.

“Hopefully this chorus, this chant, will unite everyone and really show everyone the power that music has,” Eisen-Meyers said.
Besides the various opportunities to allow the crowd to voice their thoughts and opinions, there will also be a moment of silence, Eisen-Meyers said. This is to offer a time of reflection and peace where attendants can clear their mind or hash out their ideas, he said.

A video production team will also be present at the event for participants to be able to see and share what they said and review the event as a whole, Eisen Meyers said.

Above all else, Eisen-Meyers said he believes this event is a perfect outlet to unite the community and allow them to share the empowerment that music can bring.

“This is a chance for people to have their voice heard,” Eisen-Meyers said. “This is a platform for people, to not try and solve the world’s problems, but to show a creative time with a bunch of younger thinkers under the terms of music.”