This is in regards to your “Freshmen Class Ushers in More Representative Demographics” article from Nov. 12. Several of the quotes and comments are fairly offensive, to students of color as well as white students.

To begin with, I am offended to be called “white”, known only by the color of my skin; why aren’t Caucasians called “non-whites?” Also, is it not offensive to the “students of color” to all be lumped together as colored? They are each different, they can not be combined.

We talk so abundantly of having no racism, being diverse and not judging by the color of skin. Then why are you so focusing on the color of the students’ skin?

Dean of Students Ted Pratt is quoted multiple times, all of which are offensive and/or self-defeating. He is quoted as saying, “You’ll look at a campus and say, ‘there aren’t that many people of color. But if you look at the state of Washington, there aren’t that many people of color.”

Why is he looking? He is performing racism at its most common, searching for and immediately noticing different skin colors. He is also said to say “we fail [the students] if they think that they can go out [into the world] and operate the same way that they’ve always operated.”

This implies we must change “the way we operate” because of someone’s race. Again, is this not the definition of racism? His arguments are contrary to what I believe you are arguing for; he is self-defeating the entire anti-racism pitch.

Further, his quote regarding freshmen enrollment and considerations involving race is the equivalent of race discrimination.

You say, “Pratt said he would rather have a campus which better reflects the global community.” Essentially, he would sooner accept someone based on being “a student of color” than just a “white student.”

-Chloe Hotman