Ramiro Espinoza, AS president

Welcome Western student of 2007-2008. With yet another school year gearing up, and 99 years of Associated Students history behind us, I wonder in our centennial year where deliberate optimism and a united sense of direction may take us. Now, after the last five years and with the effort of the AS, in cooperation with the university community at large—and with a purpose and resolve that only a student may possess—we can power our institution with green energy. We now, as of this very day, shall provide greater safety for every student and the means to travel with a shiny new bus pass in the pocket of every Western student for less money than it would take to eat a dinner for two. These actions, with the tireless efforts of the students that have stood before us, are spectacular in scope but upon a retrospective eye, may no longer be distinguished as extraordinary. This is to say only that supreme effort and achievement of our fellow students during our collective pursuit of knowledge is something that we all share inside us, and the only question will not be have we succeeded, but in what way will we do it next.

A fantastic example is the paper you are reading today; this slice of student effort highlights the works, dreams, and passions of our peers. I can only hope you look upon The AS Review as your gateway into an organization committed to serving students. This commitment is embodied in the works that during our time together will be presented almost every day: the resources, the concerts, the speakers, the films, the programs, the bike trips, the 24-hour radio, the child care, every piece of recycling... the list goes on and on. What you will never see is the long hard work, the hours, the stress—yet a diligent resilience and drive for excellence—that each and every member of the AS provides of their own accord. For every dollar we spend on these fantastic people and their works, I promise your money's worth and then some. So please visit us often, whether it is through these pages, through the airwaves, through our programs, or with the next great idea on how to make Western better. Know that as always we'll be working for you with open minds and open hearts and each of you are invited to join us for the ride.