Regarding the cover design of our last issue:

Being from a family with countless veterans including my own father and currently knowing plenty of friends serving, I was pleased to see the front of The AS Review dedicated to Veterans Day with the event by the Veterans Outreach Center plugged in. However, as I looked closer at the cover I noticed something very offensive: the pictures incorporated on the cover had no representation of female-identified veterans. This makes me wonder if The AS Review is aware that female-identified persons have been present in the military since the 1940s and earlier. I sadly do not personally know any Western students who are female-identified veterans, however I can say in confidence that I am sure our university has a good handful of them. I hate to pick this apart because I am proud that The AS Review did take time to dedicate their front cover to Veterans Day, it was just surprising that on a campus that just got done fighting for gender-inclusive housing and has such a gender-inclusive atmosphere that we could forget something as simple as including women on the front cover of a highly respected paper that represents the AS. Not being a veteran myself and being offended by this, I do not want to ask how female-identified veterans do feel about this. Women are already oppressed enough in this world and now the brave women who have served for our country are not being respectfully represented in the same aspect as their male counterparts.

Sara Richards
Western sophomore
Human services major

Editor’s note: We would like to acknowledge the validity of Ms. Richards criticism and apologize for the inaccurate portrayal of the veteran community on the cover of our Nov. 8 issue. It was not our intention to offend. Thank you to Ms. Richards for taking the time to write this letter.