In support of Evan Knappenberger’s Nov. 15 reader submission:

I recently read the “Students: Get active” article in last week’s AS Review. I wanted to express my gratitude and support to the author, who I thought wrote an extremely well-written and empowering article. His writing style was very engaging, and I appreciate that he acknowledged his own personal issues regarding Halloween and the difficulty veterans face on this holiday. Acknowledging these issues made me relate to the article on a much more personal level and really pay attention to what claim the author was trying to make.

Students have wielded a lot of power in the 20th Century. In many ways it was the Kent State massacre in 1970, a student protest, which turned public opinion against the Vietnam War. I felt empowered by the author, who reminded me that as a professional student I have responsibilities and the resources to pursue those responsibilities. I have the responsibility to learn how to become an active, engaged member of society. I have the responsibility to donate my time to charitable causes. And I have the responsibility to say “this is wrong: when I see something is wrong.

The author points out two main resources in the article: the student associated body, who will represent me in university politics, and the assortment of AS Clubs designed to give students an easy opportunity to help others. Remembering the responsibilities and resources we, as students, have will make us all feel happier and more focused while we are in college and even after we graduate. I wanted to take the time to thank the author for that. I would love to read more articles from him in the future.

Tamir Bresler
Western Sophomore