In response to Nov. 15 articles on KVIK and KUGS:

Thank you for including the articles about Western’s TV and radio stations. I didn’t realize Western even had a TV station, or that there were so few restrictions to become involved in two main facets of media.

It is so important that we take steps to regain control of the media. By supporting and becoming involved in producing local and diverse news, we can do just that. I learned recently that most major media outlets are owned by a few giant companies and that our “news” goes through a series of filters before it even reaches us.

On a brighter note, I love that university life provides students so many opportunities to learn, network and expand their horizons outside of academics. In the KVIK article, Coordinator Royce Andrews said that KVIK offers students experience where the university can’t. Extra activities such as these are a large part of the value of attending a university.

Plus, tons of people dream about having their time in the spotlight. Someone could gain a shot of fame simply by volunteering in these student-led media groups.

Thank you for keeping all of us busy students informed about the variety of activities, clubs and organizations available to us.

Sarah Magill
Western sophomore