In response to the article “Is Bellingham really safe?” in our Dec. 6 issue:

I must say I agree that the idea of safety on campus is incredibly important.

This fall there has been an abundance of strange activities and events going on not only at Western, but other colleges as well. Many heard about the Four Loko disaster at Central Washington University, the suicide of a sorority member at the University of Washington and the story of Dwight Clark here at Western.

However, when there is tragedy, people pause and try to find some lesson to take from it. While the instances that occurred were terrible, it has reiterated the importance of being attentive when traveling on campus or throughout Bellingham. This could include having your keys ready when you’re walking to your car or home, walking in areas that are well-lit, staying alert in your travels, keeping doors locked, letting a close friend know where you are if you’re going somewhere by yourself and utilizing the “buddy system.”

Often as students we are busy and distracted by the massive amounts of things we have going on in our lives.

However, it does not take much time to consider our own personal safety when we’re on campus or in the city. An overall awareness can help prevent these instances from occurring. As a female student, I know there are many dangers to traveling alone, especially with a purse or something obviously valuable with you. There was a student recently killed at Arizona State University because the people mugging him wanted his laptop. It is terrifying to think that these things happen to college students because we hope our college is a safe place. It is partially up to us to take precautions and make our safety a priority.

Rachel Gehri
Western freshman