“The Queer Dating Game,” one of the most popular events put on by the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alliance (LGBTA), will be back on campus for the first time this year at 7 p.m., Nov. 28, in the Fairhaven Auditorium. The event will be co-sponsored by the Sexual Awareness center.

Rebekah Hook, assistant coordinator of the LGBTA, described “The Queer Dating Game” as being a big draw for the LGBTA. Students ask every year when the drag show and The Queer Dating Game are, she said.

The event is focused on creating community and having a good time, Hook said.

“We do a lot of serious events so it's nice that we can put on events that are more fun such as The Queer Dating Game and The Drag Show,” Hook said. “The LGBTA has a diverse community and this event doesn't necessarily cater to one specific group, it's for everyone.”

The event will run like the standard format of the old TV show. There will be two panels, one with men and one with women. There will be one participant who can't see the other three contestants. The one participant gets to ask around fifteen to twenty questions of the other three, picking their favorite at the end as the winner.

The emphasis isn't on dating, despite the name. Hook said that this event isn't to pressure people onto dates but instead to laugh and have a fun evening. The winners will get a nice prize pack, but they can take it separately or together, whichever they choose.

The prize packs, donated by the local community, each have a theme. According to Janette Casolary, coordinator for the Sexual Awareness Center, said that the donations aren't definite yet but most likely the “Night-In” prize pack will give out two movie rentals, a pizza gift certificate, popcorn and candy. The “Night-Out” prize pack will give a gift certificate to dinner, Mallard Ice Cream and a game of pool. The “Sunday Matinee” prize pack will include a gift certificate to breakfast, coffee and two movie passes.

Western sophomore Jessica Kasper will be a participant at next week's dating game. She decided to participate because she thought it sounded like a fun experience where she would meet some cool people. She also watched the game last year.

Western senior Jesse Raymond has participated in the show and hosted for two years.

“It's hilarious, I've been to it every year,” he said. “People come up with some great answers.”

Besides bringing you “The Queer Dating Game,” the LGBTA is a member of the Resource and Outreach Programs and is a confidential and safe space for any Western students who need their services, Hook said.

The LGBTA office is located in VU 515. It has a library where you can check out books. The office provides speakers for the community focused on breaking down stereotypes and they can make referrals for students to campus and community services. Also, the office plans the “Weekly Night Series,” which creates a community and forum to discuss issues and have fun.

The LGBTA often helps students with the common problem of coming out in the dorms, Hook said. It can help students transfer rooms if they are uncomfortable with their roommate.

Hook encourages coming into the office for anything.

“One of our main goals as an office is to be a resource and a safe space for anyone who needs us,” she said.