As the United States awards a Congressional Gold Medal to the Dalai Lama the AS is doing their part in recognizing all things llama. The Outdoor Center has paired with Deli Llama excursions to provide an all day llama trek through Chuckanut Hills.

Llamas, once the foundation of the Inca Civilization in Peru, are now domesticated for our day trip pleasure. Forget what you have heard about angry spitting llamas. Llamas are sure-footed friendly creatures that have a low impact on the surrounding environment. Llamas will spit to settle an argument, over food or to decide which the dominant llama is, but won't spit at a human—unless provoked.

Make a new llama friend and enjoy the outdoors Oct.27. The trip cost is $65 and includes a llama clinic and a free lunch. For reservations contact Deli Llama at 360-757-4212 or