An unprecedented musical event is coming to the Viking Union Multipurpose Room. An event so powerful, it should grab your attention like a good, swift kick to the groin.

Localpalooza is a first time goulash of music from all over the spectrum. If you like music, you are almost guaranteed to find a band that will suit your style; with sounds ranging “from hip hop to punk to melodic fusion,” according to Joe Olmstead, ASP Pop Music’s assistant coordinator.

The entire lineup of Localpalooza highlights some of Bellingham’s best up-and-coming bands, from Guinness and the Reparations to headliners the Mark.

The Mark’s sound is self-described as a mixture of “Refused, the Blood Brothers, and classic rock.” In June of 2004 the Mark released their first EP entitled “Goshen Road Garbage Fire” on Mcdoogle! Entertainment. A full length album is due out sometime this winter.

What makes this event a bit of an experiment are the two stages that the bands will perform on. Rather than dragging through the wait of each band setting up separately, one band will perform on ASP Pop Music’s stage, while another band sets up on Loa Record’s stage. “This will keep a flow between the bands,” said Olmstead, lamenting the unfortunate lull of energy that usually occurs during set changes at concerts.

Not only has Olmstead got his fingers in Pop Music’s candy jar, he is one of the members of the innovative Loa Records, cosponsors of Localpalooza. Loa Records is a club that was started on campus in the year 2003. “We wanted more all-ages shows,” said Olmstead. “We started off bringing bands to the dorms for free concerts.”

But due to Western’s taste for local music, Loa Records grew as they developed relationships with bands and brought bigger and bigger acts to campus.

If you’re into the Seattle music scene at all, you have probably heard of the United States of Electronica. (If not, get on that, they’ll electronopop your bum off). But before they were playing on the main stage of the Sasquatch music festival— with the likes of the Pixies and Modest Mouse— USE made their humble beginnings at our very own Western Washington University.

One of the members of Loa Records mentioned that his brother, keyboardist Noah from the USE, was in this new band and they were looking to book some venues. So before they broke into Seattle’s elite scene, the USE played for eager Bellingham fans on our campus.

Other buddies of Loa Records include the Divorce, Velour and Tennis Pro.

So what spawned the idea of Localpalooza? “There was a Localpalooza in Seattle…and the 17 year old girl that put it on made about 100 t-shirts. Only three of them sold, and they’re so cool,” said Olmstead. “We liked the idea of a local show, and she wanted to sell her t-shirts.”

So if you are interested in augmenting your band t-shirt collection, or learning something about the rich and prolific music scene here in Bellingham, check out Localpalooza, on Friday, October 21 in the Viking Union Multipurpose Room. The show is free and the doors open at 7 p.m. information.