The AS Review: What motivates you to seek out this position?

Lori Humphrey: I am back at Western as a reinstated student and from that I know the importance of being involved and informed about the resources on campus, and I want to make sure that the student body knows about these resources. I want to promote them and encourage them to get involved and use them. Also, I want every student to be heard, and as a liaison between the administration and students, I will make sure that the questions and the concerns of the student body are heard to administration and seek to resolve any conflicts or concerns regarding the student body.

ASR: What groups of students might be easily overlooked by the AS Board, and what will you do to ensure that you represent them in your work?

Humphrey: This might sound a little weird, but I think the majority of students are overlooked. Freshmen feel that they don’t really have a voice because they’ve just gotten here. Seniors may feel that no one cares because they’re not gonna be here next year. Students with disabilities, minorities, may feel that there is a barrier between themselves and the majority voice, and I want to make sure that we can all get our voices heard, to make sure that freshmen feel comfortable speaking up, even though maybe they aren’t as connected. Seniors while they’re not, maybe not here next year or next quarter, they’re still here now and what happens now effects them while they’re here. People that feel that they can’t speak up, they shouldn’t feel that way. I mean, this is our campus and if something’s concern, if there’s a concern to them, then it should be heard.

ASR: Since you came to Western, what has been the most important issue facing students that went unaddressed or was dealt with poorly? What issue would you say has been addressed most positively?

Humphrey: When I first came to Western I didn’t, I wasn’t really informed of the academic resources here on campus. I knew that there was a tutoring center somewhere and they do academic advising somewhere, but I didn’t really know about the depth of what they can do and how I can use those to succeed. And now that I’m back, I back in the middle of an economic crisis and people are concerned about budget cuts, tuition increases and I want to make sure their voices are heard, their concerns are heard and I want to make sure that they know exactly what’s going on with this campus, regarding those issues.

The development of new, not really new resources but the development of programs and resources, such as advising and the Disabilities Center. Those two, from what I’ve seen, from like three year, from Western, have really grown and they seem more accessible to students and I think that’s great and I just want to make sure that that continues to happen not just there but in every other resource on campus.

ASR: What are your three biggest goals for next year?

Humphrey: I want to get Western involved, informed and heard. I want to get them involved in our resources on campus and inform what they can do for them. I want to make sure the students are heard because, you know, I believe it was 60 to 70 percent of college voters in the last election were really concerned about tuition prices so it’s an issue that concerns the majority of students on campus. So I want to make sure they know what’s going on rather than just knowing that something might be happening behind closed doors.

Get students involved in the resources on campus, make sure that those resources are known about and students know about what they can do for them and how to get involved, and to make sure that their voices are heard.

ASR: When a student comes to you with a question that is beyond the scope of your job, how will you respond to this student?

Humphrey: I will make, I will do my best effort to answer the question. That doesn’t mean that shoving it on my desk. That means seeking out the person that, if I had that question, which that would be my question now, I would go, I would feel that they can answer it best. So looking for a person that I think could convey the best answer and if they can’t, finding out from them who else I can go to.