Where do missing items at Western end up? With more than 1,000 lost items logged each quarter, everything from digital cameras to headphones finds its way into the Viking Union Information Desk lost and found.

About half those items will be sold at the annual VU Rummage Sale from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Feb. 16, in VU 565.

The sale will feature items that have been in the lost and found for more than 60 days, information desk assistant Angela Hamilton said.

The sale will include digital cameras, headphones, books, clothing, water bottles, cellphones, kitchenware, school supplies, jewelry and other accessories left behind all over campus.

Some items are more than a year old. Hamilton said the lost and found has collected some particularly interesting things.

“We have a purse that’s shaped like a dog, and that will be up for sale,” Hamilton said while laughing. “I’m not sure on the price yet.”

Western student Max Taylor bought items at a previous rummage sale. He found a laptop case and a North Face jacket, each for $4. He estimates the jacket sold at retail for $80 to $100.

“I plan on going to raid the coat hangers again,” Taylor said. “Hopefully, I’ll find another $4 jacket.”

Most items are tagged with low prices, but more expensive items, such as electronics, will be sold by silent auction. The sale does not include free items.

All proceeds from the event go into the AS budget. All items not sold at the end of the sale are donated.