Delighted by fashion bloggers and interested in the content they were producing, Western junior Delaney Knight embarked on a journey of creating her own blog and transforming it into a heavily trafficked and well-known blog among the Seattle fashion community.
In 2011, Knight launched her blog, “Lover of Clothes,” with documentation of her life, endorsements for online sites she enjoyed purchasing her clothes from and fashion and beauty tips.
“I thought it was really cool and a great way for me to express my creative side, my fashion side and all the things that I love,” Knight said. “It’s been my creative outlet.”
Each week, Knight strives to have a Monday to Friday post, but generally has two to three posts per week.
“I’ve found that my readers in general prefer to have something to come back to every single day versus once a week,” Knight said.
“However, one of the challenges is being a college student. We’re all really busy and some days I come home and am like, ‘I don’t want to do this. I am tired and don’t want to deal with it.’”
Another challenge that Knight faces is rooted in the development of content.
“Sometimes I do struggle with coming up with content,” Knight said. “I go through phases where I have so many great ideas, and then two months after, I’m like, ‘I have shown everything that’s in my closet, and I have told every tip I have. What am I going to do next?’”
In order to generate ideas for her blog, Knight conducts research online, spends time on Pinterest and familiarizes herself with what people are talking about. She then interprets this in her own way into personal style.
Due to the success of her blog, Knight has been able to build relationships with public-relations firms in Seattle. If a client has a product they feel would be a good fit for Knight, they will send it Knight’s way, giving her more ideas for content development.
While Knight’s blog is fashion-geared, she also incorporates her experiences as a part of her blog.
“I try to showcase my daily life once in a while because I feel like a lot of times you look at people online and think they have the perfect life and they have all the perfect clothes. It’s not like that,” Knight said. “We struggle so much, just like everyone else. We’re just putting ourselves out there every day. I don’t want to come off as this perfect person online when I’m really not.”
Other non-fashion related categories on Knight’s blog include recipes, fitness and beauty. Knight even has a video blog with content including personal life, makeup tricks, how to stay organized for school, dealing with acne and cooking.
“I do all my own videos,” Knight said. “I have a tripod I set up, hit record and hope for the best!”
One of the benefits of blogging is the support she receives from fans.
“Two years ago one girl was new to the area, didn’t know anyone and on a whim decided to reach out to me,” Knight said. “We ended up meeting up for lunch and we’re really good friends now.”
The reach of Knight’s blog don’t end there. She’s been contacted by multiple companies.
“I’m working with brands that I never thought in a million years I would get the chance to work with,” Knight said. Knight recently had the opportunity to work with Clarins, a beauty line.
“I started this as my little baby and watched it grow, and it’s been really exciting,” Knight said. “I have grown so much from it - personally and my skills online, I would never probably use a Google Plus or other things that are so vital in a career.”
Knight is currently the Vice President for Digital Marketing of the Student Marketing Association and was recently elected to be next year’s president. After graduation in spring 2015, Knight is considering obtaining her MBA or working in branding.
“When people have a passion, they need to go for it because I didn’t know exactly what my passion was until I started this,” Knight said. “I honestly don’t think I would be where I am today without having done this and I think it’s good for people to take a leap of faith and go for what they love.”
If you’d like to visit Knight’s blog, check it out online at