Are you good at making your friends laugh? Do people always remark on how awesome your sense of humor is? Do you think you could win a competition against other funny people?

If so, AS Productions is looking for you to put your money where your mouth is and win a shot to perform in front of the renowned and nationally recognized stand-up comedian, Josh Blue.

At 8 p.m. Thursday in the Underground Coffeehouse, ASP Special Events will host Last Comic Standing, a stand-up comedy competition based on the hit NBC show. The lineup will include participants from Western as well as some from the local community.

According to ASP Special Events Coordinator Hallie Anderson, the Last Comic Standing competition is an opportunity for Western comedians to gain experience performing in front of a crowd.

“We decided to host a comedy competition because we thought it’d be a cool way to help someone get their foot in the door,” Anderson said.
Each comedian will be given five to 10 minutes to perform their act. Performers will be judged on a scale of one to 10 in five different categories by five different judges.
The five categories participants’ acts will be judged on are creativity of material, audience engagement, overall stage presence, laughter factor and cleanliness (which examines how dirty the language in an act is).

The grand prize for the competition winner is an opening slot before Josh Blue, who is performing on campus on April 18.
Blue, who won the summer 2006 season of Last Comic Standing, has had cerebral palsy his entire life. Using comedy as a means to cross boundaries, Blue has received various awards for helping others break through preconceived stereotypes about living with a disability.

ASP Special Events Assistant Coordinator Keri Weinbrecht said that she and Anderson chose to host stand-up comedy events because they felt that the genre has been largely unexplored by ASP.
“Really, we chose to host this event because it’s something that hasn’t been done before,” Weinbrecht said.

Since there is no office specifically dedicated to bringing comedic acts to Western, Anderson said that Special Events wanted to add comedy to their range of sponsored events. Rather than being pigeonholed into hosting the same type of events, both Anderson and Weinbrecht have tried to host a variety of programs.
“We’ve tried to do a diverse number of events this year,” Anderson said. “We figured we should try to do comedy as well.”

Spaces are still available for hopeful performers. To enter the competition, send an e-mail to AS Productions Special Events at before Tuesday.